My journey from CAN'T to CAN – one workout at a time.

Workout Moments of Enlightenment

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Sometimes, mid-workout, you hear something you’ve heard a thousand times but for some reason – today – it just resonates with you.  And, today I was doing a TurboFire workout with Chalene Johnson.  For those of you who are unaware, she is basically amazing.  She says exactly what you need to hear, when you need to hear it.  She knows when to say “push yourself”and when to say “you’re doing great!” So today, I had one of those moments.  I’d heard it before, but today I thought “I need to write about this”.  So I am.   Here is what she said:

“Never give yourself negative labels.  Give yourself labels that are positive.

Seems simple, right? Well think about it. Really think about it.  How often do you give yourself negative labels? Me? I used to live in a perpetual state of negative label-dom.  Fat. Stupid. Worthless. Not good enough. Weak. A lot of them were learned; drilled into my subconscious by a less than great parent until I started to believe they were true. But, they’re not true. None of them. And that’s one of the many things I’ve realized throughout this process.

One of my biggest labels? One of the things that has been hanging over my head, negatively impacting my life for years? Fibromyalgia. When you say “I have fibromyalgia” it really is just a simple fact. But when it becomes all that you are, it’s a label. A very negative one at that. In years past, saying “I have fibromyalgia” was the equivalent of saying “I’m weak”, “I’m a quitter”, or “I’m just not good enough.”  Today when I say it, I’m saying “I’m a fighter”, “I can”, and “I am good enough”.

Some labels you can’t change. Some labels you choose. Choose positive ones. Force the ones you can’t change to become positive ones.

Never give yourself negative labels. You are good enough. You can do this. You are worth fighting for.


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