My journey from CAN'T to CAN – one workout at a time.


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Slide1How do you define yourself?  If you had to pinpoint the one (or two) thing(s) that make you so very you, what would it be?

I suppose this connects to the previous post (Workout Moments of Enlightenment).  I suppose this also connects to the feeling that many of the people I know or have known seem to want to box me in or fit me into a specific definition.  Sometimes, it’s as if they want me to be limited in my abilities still or have a specific set of guidelines by which I operate.  Well, the thing is, I believe we are constantly evolving.  At least those of us with self-awareness and a desire to be the absolute best person we can be.  So, how can we remain the same?  How can we always be defined as X when we are evolving into Y?

I know it must be tough for loved ones when you see a person you care for struggling with some illness or condition.  In fact, I really do know – my mother has Multiple Sclerosis.  But what I’ve noticed as I’ve taken back my life and decreased my FM symptoms dramatically is that there are times when loved ones fall back on your previous limitations.  For example, before my transformation I couldn’t carry much of anything and felt a bit like an invalid at times.  Now, my strength has grown dramatically and I’ll basically carry anything I can.  I’ll do anything I can.  Sometimes, I’m asked “Why are you carrying that?” or Why are you doing that?” My answer? “Because I can.”  So I suppose even throughout my evolution(s), one label remains.  One word will always define me: fighter. 

Today, during my workout, I was amazed at a new achievement.  As usual, it might not seem like much to most people.  But, to me, it was thrilling.  What I’m noticing day after day is that I really am eradicating “Can’t” from my vocabulary.  I can remember when I was unable to do this specific thing on one of the TurboFire workouts and I said “I’m not able to do that yet” – YET.  And what happened?  Now I can.  That’s a fighter for ya.  I just thought, hey maybe I should try this again and see if I can do it yet.  And there you go.  Sometimes you just have to keep trying.  Try every day until can’t becomes can.  It’s a pretty remarkable feeling.

So think about it.  How do you define yourself?  Do you let others define you?  Take control – you own this.  You set the rules.  Make it positive.  Make it empowering.  Define yourself in a way that motivates you to do better; to be better.

There are no excuses.  Just try.  Just give it your all.  And you just might be surprised.


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