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TurboFire Challenge: Taking Things to New Heights

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IMG_3040For anyone, starting a fitness challenge must include a fine balance – one that involves realistic expectations and a drive to push yourself beyond what you believed you were capable of.  When I started Turbo Jam in March, my expectations were pretty simple: I’ll be amazed if I can do this.  I told no one – aside from immediate family and my best friend.  And so, upon starting it, I realized one thing: I hadn’t really been that realistic in my expectations.  In fact, I had been pessimistic.  I was fresh off the Ultimate Reset, primed for getting fit, and feeling better than I had in years.  So why did I think I couldn’t do it?  An old habit I suppose.

8 weeks later, I was done.  Finis.  I had conquered it.  Funny thing is, at the end I was actually bored.  Craving a new challenge.  Enter TurboFire.  Okay, so for those of you that don’t know, TurboFire is a Beachbody workout that was created by Chalene Johnson.  She’s this amazing, talented, inspiring woman that has a way of pushing you way farther than you really thought you could go.  That’s why I love her.  Anyway, back to TF.  I finished TJ on May 19th and was moving from NC to CO on May 25th, so I decided to start TF on June 3.  Seems like a good idea, right?

Wait… We’re HOW High?

Well, what I neglected to include in my realistic expectations was this: I was moving from NC, a town that was 620 feet above sea level to Central City, CO, which is over 8,500 feet above sea level.  Do we see a problem here?  Well, if you haven’t lived at high altitudes, perhaps you won’t understand.  But, really, you’re OXYGEN DEPRIVED when you go from zero to 8500.  And, well, TurboFire is “intense cardio conditioning” so you can imagine how challenging this has been.  So far.

PUSH Yourself

The thing is, since I didn’t think about it ahead of time, my expectations going into the TurboFire challenge (which is 20 weeks) were this: you can do this, you will do this, you are going to kill this.  So, while it may be killing me just a little each morning when Chalene tells me to push myself and get those knees up, I AM DOING IT.  And, admittedly I have called her a name or two during this past week and a half, but sometimes that’s what gets you through it.  The beauty of doing this for myself is, I’m learning to be kinder in my expectations, I’m learning to expect more of myself, and I’m learning that NOTHING is impossible.  Even when from the outside it may seem like “how the hell is she doing that?” – I’m still doing it.  And I’m killing it.

Challenge Tracker:

TurboFire Challenge: 1 ½ weeks down; 18 ½ to go.  But who’s counting?


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