My journey from CAN'T to CAN – one workout at a time.

Recap: Beachbody TurboFire Challenge Weeks 1 & 2



Dates: June 3 – June 16

Total Workouts: 12 (6 days a week, one much needed rest day per week)

Total Workout Duration: 570 minutes (aka 9 ½ hours)

Nutrition: Beachbody Shakeology DAILY; Vegan POWER Diet (that’s what I like to call it)

Unlike how I felt when entering the TurboJam challenge, when I began the TurboFire challenge, I KNEW I could do it.  I knew I would do it.  I also knew it wouldn’t be easy.  With that in mind, I started the challenge in Monday, June 3, 2013.

TF_product_configuration_170x100First Impressions

Well, you start with what’s called the “FireStarter” workout.  This is meant to familiarize you with the combos you’ll see for the next 20 weeks.  Yes, 20 weeks.  So, it would seem as though it would be a “light” workout.  Well, Chalene doesn’t do light workouts.  While it does take things a bit slower to teach you the key moves and it is MUCH lighter than the other TF workouts, it is still very challenging.  At least for me.  Especially considering I had just moved to a high altitude (8600 feet) city only 2 days prior.

My first impression of TurboFire?  Holy crap, this is going to get me in the best shape of my life.

Moving Through Each Workout – Week 1

Even after one day, I was already excited to get up the next morning and tackle another CHALLENGING workout.  I get up at 6 am every day – non-negotiable – and get my workout in before I start my day.  That’s how I start my day and I love it.  I put my workouts in my schedule so it shows up on my phone as well as my MacBook.  That adds a layer of accountability to the process — and something I need on days when I just don’t want to get out of bed.

  • Favorite Week 1 Workout: I think the workout that I was the most excited bout in week one was the Low HIIT 20 / Stretch 10 – just because I was SO excited to take on a HIIT workout. (High Intensity Interval Training).  I guess the main reason it was my favorite of week one was I DID IT!  Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10 was pretty awesome too.
  • Least Favorite Week 1 Workout: Core 20 / Stretch 40.  Okay, seriously, I think I asked Chalene if she was crazy like 6 times during this workout.  Keep in mind, I’ve done yoga for years.  “Stretch 40” is a pseudonym for “I Will Kill You in 40 Minutes”.  Seriously though, I hated it because of how hard it was, but that makes me love it too.  I was sore until Thursday from this (I did it on a Saturday).  I know I will see a great deal of progress each week when I do this workout. And, yes, I will do it each week.

Finishing Up – Week 2

I think one of the most important things about doing a fitness challenge is that you celebrate every success – no matter how small. And, so I celebrated the fact that I finished week 1.  The fact that I did even better than I’d imagined I would. I was ready to tackle week 2!  What was really great about week 2 is that there were already things I couldn’t do in week 1 that I found I was able to do in week 2.  Now that’s progress!!!  Well, she really knows how to start it off – the first workout would be the longest one to date and it was TOUGH!

  • Favorite Week 2 Workout: Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10.  This is SO MUCH FUN!  The energy is high and I feel motivated the entire time to just keep pushing harder.  Also, the Stretch 10 workout is amazing.  It feels so great after working so hard!
  • Least Favorite Week 2 Workout: Fire 55 EZ / Stretch 10.  Okay, I do love the Fire 45 EZ, but I wasn’t sure if I would survive the 55 minute version.  What I didn’t realize beforehand is that she sneaks in a HIIT about halfway through.  Really about killed me, but I REALLY DID IT.  YAY me.

Overall: Weeks 1 and 2

Closing comments: I DID IT.  That’s really all.  I started week 3 this morning and I’m already excited for my workout tomorrow.  I’m killing it – one workout at a time.  Thank you Chalene Johnson! 


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3 thoughts on “Recap: Beachbody TurboFire Challenge Weeks 1 & 2

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  2. Hi there I found your blog while doing a google search. I’m in my first week of TurboFire, and today marks day 4 – and I’m struggling. I was a former athlete and know what my body can do, but after not being active, eating terribly and having a child my body has changed. The fire starter class is KILLER I curse and sweat all the way through. It’s hard to go through the whole program. I have Turbo Jam which is a great program, and I have a goal of losing 30lbs so I knew I needed a tougher workout. And this sure is that. I hope I gain more confidence in the coming weeks – and it’s helpful to read about your experiences and what’s to come!

    • Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting. I’m glad my story gives you a little more motivation and helps you realize you CAN do it. Turbo Fire definitely PUSHES you, but it’s SO WORTH it. That’s the one that changed everything for me. Just keep pushing play, keep pushing yourself, and keep on sweating – you WILL DO IT! The first week is probably the hardest. Pretty soon, you’ll start loving it. You’ll still be sweating and maybe even yelling at Chalene, but you’ll love every minute. Keep me posted 🙂

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