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How to Pick Your “Soul Mate” Workout

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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably started at least a dozen different workout programs – only to get bored, give up, or fail to finish for some other reason.  You probably felt really bad about yourself afterwards, wondering why you couldn’t find the determination to finish.  Consider this: what if those workouts weren’t “right” for YOU?  What if each of us has a “soul mate” workout?  What if all it takes to get fit and STAY FIT is to find that perfect workout?

Exercise for Fibromyalgia: How to Find Your Soul Mate

Whether you have FM or not, finding the right workout can take some time.  There are a lot of factors to consider in your quest for the right fibromyalgia workouts – or workout for anyone for that matter!

  • Your Goals:  Before you can choose your workout, you have to identify your goals.  Is this about weight loss? Health? Fitness? A challenge? All of the above?  What does this mean for you?  With that in mind, you’ll be better prepared to choose your soul mate Beachbody workout.
  • Time: How much time can you devote per day to working out?  If you only have 25 minutes, why choose a program that requires 55 minutes, 6 days a week?  That’s a recipe for disaster.  Be realistic about the time you have and you’ll be even closer to finding the best Beachbody exercise program.full_trainers_lineup_low_res
  • Trainer:  This is SO important.  If the trainer annoys you, offends you, or just rubs you the wrong way, DON’T CHOOSE THAT WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!  Do a little research and watch a few videos of the trainer FIRST so you’ll know if you feel that all-important connection.
  • Workouts of the Past:  Consider the workouts you’ve done in the past.  What have you liked about them?  What did you not like about them?  This will really come in handy as you seek the perfect fit.
  • Fun:  A workout program you’ll want to stick with will be FUN.  What’s your motivation to get out of bed a 6am (in my case) and hit that workout hard?  For me, fun is certainly on that list.
  • Challenge:  Equal to fun is challenge.  If you get bored with the workout, you haven’t chosen wisely.  Make sure you choose something that you can grow with, something that will challenge you the whole way through.

With dozens of Beachbody workout programs to choose from, you can easily find the right fibromyalgia workout for you!

Top Beachbody Workouts for Fibromyalgia

Every person is different – and at varying stages of recovery, pain, and fatigue.  While I’m not a doctor, I am someone who understands first hand what it’s like to live with FM.  And so, I feel pretty comfortable with these recommendations for fibromyalgia workouts:


  • Tai Cheng:  If you are in a great deal of pain and need to start with something light, this would be the perfect foundation.


  • TurboJam:  If you’re craving cardio, but don’t want to jump straight into TurboFire, Insanity, or P90x, TurboJam is lower impact, but still has the fun and cardio workout you’re after.


  • TurboFire:  What can I say, I love it!  It’s a challenge and it truly does empower me to fight fibromyalgia – and WIN.

I’ve also read success stories with FM patients completing Insanity, P90x and many other Beachbody programs.  Give one a try!  You might surprise yourself!


Get more info on Beachbody products here:



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