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Ultimate Reset: Why Make the Commitment?

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beachbody ultimate reset

One of the biggest turning points in my life was the day I decided to commit to completing the Ultimate Reset. To be fair, it was one in a series of essential decisions that allowed me to take control of my life and shut down Fibromyalgia. It had been in control long enough and I knew from the experiences of the previous several years that nutrition was KEY to overcoming any health challenge. And so, I made the commitment. The 21-day, strict meal plan commitment. And it changed EVERYTHING. But, why? What makes the Ultimate Reset so special?


When I began the Reset I felt that my eating habits were better than the average person. I had been a vegetarian for more than 2 years and was gluten free (I believe the gluten intolerance is related to FM). Before I started, I read over the Program & Nutrition Guide and thought, “I can totally do this.”

The thing that stood out most in reading the guide was this: everything is VERY planned out. Every day, for the next 21 days, I knew when I’d be eating a meal, when I’d be taking a supplement, and when I’d be drinking water (a LOT of water). So, to me, that made it super easy to go into it with an open mind. The meals are planned out – completely.

Give it Up

Okay, if you do a total body cleanse, you have to realize there are certain things you’ll have to give up. The one thing that stood out: NO COFFEE! I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. But, more than that, I KNEW without a doubt that I NEEDED TO GIVE IT UP! I think the structure of the program gave me the push I needed to eliminate what was essential an addiction from my life. ELIMINATE IT!

Let’s be realistic, when you give up coffee after having had it in your life for DECADES, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Enter day 1 of the Reset.

Day 1. Okay, let’s be honest here: IT SUCKED. Oh my heavens, what was I thinking? How could I be giving up my precious coffee? I BARELY made it through the day and my head was pounding.

Day 2. Even worse. I couldn’t form thoughts; I could barely stay awake; and my HEAD WAS KILLING ME. Even in my caffeine-deprived haze, I knew I had to get coffee out of my life. Look what was happening to me when I didn’t have it! How could this be good for me?

Day 3. Things started getting better. But I still hated the universe for taking my coffee away.

Day 4. And finally, on day 4, I no longer wanted coffee. And I haven’t had it since. Take that, caffeine addiction!


Like all things I do, I have to measure the results in terms of what it did for my FM. I knew getting rid of the toxins had to be good. I also knew the process of eliminating them would be tough on my body. And it was.

I was in a LOT of pain from about the 4th day through the end of the second week. I was in bed a lot and it was excruciating to just try and function. But it passed. And when it did, something GLORIOUS happened. Where did my FM go? What happened to my symptoms? THEY DISAPPEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before the Reset, FM was a HUGE problem. After the Reset, I was able to hike – WITHOUT PAIN. Without wishing I was dead. Without thinking I might die. I could hike. Like a normal person. Like someone without FM.

So, What did the Reset Do for Me?

What didn’t it do for me? It changed everything. It gave me my life back. It gave me my health back. It gave me the opportunity to find out how I really feel – without anything contaminating my body. Amazingly enough, I feel pretty darn healthy when I’m not poisoning myself with coffee or other foods that are strictly forbidden for someone with FM. Hello? Why was I eating that stuff in the first place?

The biggest changes I saw with the Ultimate Reset were:

  • Sleep: Before the Reset, I RELIED completely on sleeping pills and I still rarely slept. After the Reset, I USE NO SLEEPING PILLS and I USUALLY SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!
  • Pain: Before the Reset, I took 4 Tylenol Arthritis (500mg) every night with my sleeping pills (because that’s a good idea) – I would also take them as needed for pain during the day. Since the Reset, I have had ZERO pain pills of any kind. I have had occasional pain (Because I do still have FM), but not enough to require medication.
  • Digestion: Before the Reset, I had problems with indigestion, acid reflux, and discomfort after almost every meal. Since the Reset, I have had ZERO issues like this. I feel great!

Biggest lesson, NEVER EVER EVER underestimate the power of nutrition.


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